Featured athlete: Brittani Brooks

'I’m very competitive and I want to do whatever it takes to get me in the best position to win.'


Rachel Jackson

Senior Brittani Brooks is one of the leaders for the tennis team this season.

Drew Doig, Staff Reporter


Sport: Tennis

Height: 5’3”

Experience: 6 years

Key stat: Averages one ace per match

Racket preference: Babolat Pure Drive


Favorite pre-game meal: Jason’s Deli French Onion soup and crackers

Future Occupation: Speech Therapist

Favorite tennis player(s): Rafael Nadal and Serena Wiliams

Favorite pre-game music: Rap

Favorite quote: 1 Corinthians 10:13

Three words that describe you: Happy, energetic, and random


The Red Ledger: Do you play tennis outside of school?

Brittani Brooks: Yes, I have played for the United States Tennis Association (UTSA) and I was nationally ranked in the 16s division.

TRL: Have you been recruited for tennis, and if so, how has the recruiting process gone?

BB: Yes, I have been recruited, and the recruiting process has been going really well.

TRL: What motivates you to work and train hard in tennis?

BB: I’m very competitive and I want to do whatever it takes to get me in the best position to win.

TRL: Why did you decide that you wanted to play tennis?

BB: I decided that I wanted to play tennis because I picked up the sport real quickly, and I liked it a lot.

TRL: What are some of your strengths in tennis?

BB: Some of my strengths in tennis are my backhand, speed, volleys, and my serve.

TRL: What are some of the areas in your tennis game that you can improve on?

BB: Some of my areas of improvement in my tennis game are, being able to hold long points and being more aggressive.

TRL: Pre-game rituals or routines?

BB: Not really, I just pray and stretch before every match.

TRL: What are some of your goals for this tennis season?

BB: To win as many matches as possible, so that my team has the best chance of winning.