Pros of graduating early

Pros of graduating early

Rachel Jackson, Staff Reporter

Students around the country seem to be taking advantage of the option to graduate high school early. Although these individuals will be giving up the more traditional side of high school such as school dances, pep rallies, and tournaments, early graduates receive the advantage of being one step ahead of the game.

Graduating early provides a special type of leverage for individuals during the college application process. Even graduating only a semester early impresses college admission offices. It shows hard work and determination towards your studies, regardless of the many distractions high school offers, especially since early graduates are not as common as people may think. In fact only 10 of UGA’s (University of Georgia) usual 16,000 applicants graduated from high school early, putting the 10 applicants in favor for the admissions office.

This opportunity can also provide more chances for career preparation. Job internships are a wonderful option for individuals who are accelerating academically and have begun college at ages as young as 16 or 17.

For other students, high school may no longer present an academic challenge. Graduating early is an excellent option to fulfill these individual’s thirst for knowledge. Being encouraged to pursue a higher education instead of restraining them in regular high school classes not only benefits the individual but colleges as well.

However, by graduating high school early students will be missing out on some of the best years of their lives. A few important high school experiences such as prom or senior activities will never be presented to them again. In fact, by taking advantage of early graduation individuals will be choosing between higher education or a normal high school experience.

Although fewer than 3 percent of students graduate early in America, there are still programs offered to aid individuals in this difficult process. Dallas Independent School District has decided to create a proposal for a three-year program that would direct savings to finance pre-kindergarten programs. In fact, supporters of these programs claim that they not only aid individuals when jump-starting college but can help reduce state spending.

If you are considering graduating early then it is a good idea to talk to a guidance counselor to see if the school is supportive of this decision. They can provide you with information on how early graduation usually works and what steps you need to take in order to be successful. Counselors can also inform you of what scholarship opportunities you can take advantage of by graduating early. Graduating early may be the right move, but make sure all the facts are know before pulling the plug on your high school career.