Leopard Look: Zoe Kahana


Rachel Jackson

Junior Zoe Kahana is a member of varsity choir and is also involved in the theatre department. Her most recent performance was as Sour Kangaroo in Seussical the Musical.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

Junior Zoe Kahana is involved in many different aspects of the fine arts program on campus.

At glance:

Max’s or Krispy Kreme? Max’s

Mac or PC? Mac

Alternative or Pop? Alternative

Favorite Girl Scout cookie? Thin Mints for life

Role in Seussical the Musical? The sour kangaroo of course!


Looking deeper:

The Red Ledger: Why are you so involved in the fine arts community?

Zoe Kahana: I’ve always liked to perform and entertain people, and over time I realized that the best outlets for that are doing theatre and choir.

TRL: When did your interest in music and playing an instrument begin?

ZK: I started playing piano in 4th grade because it was during that time in elementary school where you’re just trying new things, and piano was the thing that stuck.

TRL: In addition to playing an instrument, why do you participate in theatre?

ZK: I think I was drawn to theatre because it was very different than anything I’d done before, it was more personal and I felt more in touch with the audience. I really liked the way we all worked towards a common goal for months and how everything played out.

TRL: What did you enjoy about being a part of the Seussical?

ZK:I love doing musicals because they’re a perfect mix of theatre and choir, and I especially like Seussical because the music is just so much fun. My part is also very brassy and dramatic so it’s really fun to totally become someone else.


TRL: Are you planning on pursuing fine arts as a career?

ZK: I’m not planning to go into fine arts as a career, but I definitely want to keep some aspect of it in my life when I’m older, whether it’s theatre or choir or playing piano.