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Choir teachers write words to 10-year-old school fight song


Rachel Jackson

The band has been playing the fight song for years, but now the choir is also joining in on the song. Pictured above is the varsity choir.

Catherine Hathaway, Staff Reporter

Plenty of people know the super catchy tune the band exuberantly plays over and over again at pep rallies and football games. The Fight Song has been easily identifiable as that one song that gets stuck in every fan’s head after a big win, but this year’s band decided that the song shouldn’t just have a catchy beat, but some fun words as well. When choir directors Cathy Koziatek and Chris Mason heard about the silly song tweak, they took on the challenge of writing their own version of the song.

“Well we noticed that the band members were singing ‘this is our fight song’ over and over and over again because they said the fight song has no lyrics,” choir director Cathy Koziatek said. “We just thought that was inexcusable.”

Coming up with lyrics to the new fight song was no easy task for the longtime choir directors and friends, but once they put their heads together, the teachers crafted a new tradition to teach to their choir, and hopefully spread to the rest of the student body.

“I graduated over 20 years ago and I still remember all the words to my high school fight song,” Koziatek said. “So I think it’s something that everybody needs to know.”

Though most of the band members are indifferent about the new lyrics, many of the band leaders feel that they will add to the spirit of The Fight Song.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” drum line captain Steve Sereno said. “I think with the school song having words to it, people will get more into the Fight Song. I think it will be an improvement.”


Below are the new choir lyrics to the The Fight Song:


Fight on, Lovejoy!

We take the field now, we’ll never yield now.

Go! Fight! Win!

Lovejoy Leopards, we will go on to victory!

The fighting Red, Black, Leopards can’t be beat!

Step back or you face defeat!

Lovejoy Leopards, better than the rest.

Go! Fight! Win!

Lovejoy Leopards, we will go on to victory!