Relishing in this generation

Relishing in this generation

Rachel Jackson, Staff Reporter

Recently my family and I sat down for a family dinner. A normal gathering of the Jackson clan, all together to enjoy dining with one another. However, the evening was ruined when I snatched my phone in order to reply to a Snapchat. What was once a casual meal, took a sharp turn all because I “selfied” at dinner. This made me realize how much criticism my generation receives for enjoying its culture.

Parents teasing you for snapchatting or getting mocked whilst sending a picture of your coffee to a friend are all prime examples of the ridicule we receive daily.

It seems that trends in today’s society have attained a negative connotation and the once unique aspects of our generation are now being constantly badgered. Taking a selfie is frowned upon. Wearing leggings as pants is considered promiscuous. Having more than one social media account is considered unnecessary. When will it stop?

Adults constantly judge our way of life. Whether it’s the indescribable fascination with social media or the revival of an old fashion style, we are criticized daily for the trends set by our peers but that’s just our way of life.

When our parents were younger they had bizarre interests as well. My mom never left the house without a scrunchie in her hair and my dad was into heavy rock his entire high school career. Modern day that’s considered out of the “norm” but back then everyone dressed this way or followed these trends.

It’s time to relish in our generation and ignore all the judgements made by adults. If we want to hashtag pictures or use it as a slang then, by all means, do it. We shouldn’t let the criticism of others bother us because one day we’ll have children of our own following ridiculous crazes that we’ll chasticize. In fact, perhaps in twenty years black Columbia jackets will be considered unfashionable and appalling just because it isn’t as popular as it once was.

Shamelessly love the quirks of our generation. Huddle around each other just to share hilarious Vines. Use absurd slangs like “selfie” and “lol.” Some day soon the ground beneath us will breakaway and what once was accepted in our community will be considered irregular so enjoy it while you can.