City of Lucas holds revamped Founder’s Day


Olivia Lauter

A feature of Lucas Founder’s Day was animal balloons. Founders Day took place this past Saturday.

The City of Lucas held their annual Founder’s Day event at the Lucas Community Park on Saturday. The Founder’s Day event started in the early 2000s to commemorate the founding of Lucas. 

“Originally they wanted to celebrate the founding of Lucas, which happened in 1989,”  city secretary Stacy Henderson said. “If you walk along the park, there are service trees dedicated to individuals that have provided a service to the community. A tree is dedicated to our first city council out there.”

The event offered free concessions. Many businesses donated free products for everyone who attended.

“We love that everybody can have a good time, and that we offer all this great free stuff,” Henderson said. ”We just like to be able to give back to our community and offer that to them.”

The event boasted many games and activities for attendees to choose from, such as jumbo cornhole, mini golf, carnival games, a historical exhibit, and a silent auction.

“We actually stopped first just to learn about the historical events,” attendee Mary Beth Wilkerson said. “My kids were blown away by how much history Lucas has, and then we went right over to the carnival games and that was fun. It’s just great, family, wholesome fun.” 

The weekly farmer’s market held by the City of Lucas occurred simultaneously with the event. Vendors set up shop to directly sell to attendees. Vendors must go through an online application process to sell at the market.

“It really wasn’t hard,” Foster Farms co-owner Jennifer Foster said. “The city of Lucas has a farmer’s market committee. For our business so far, it’s been really good. Last year, we did really well at the farmers market, and it’s even better this year. I think with the pandemic and everything that’s been happening, people are interested in where their food comes from.”

The event allowed Lucas residents to meet community members, listen to city artists and give back to local vendors. 

“I think it’s lovely,” Wilkerson said. “It’s a beautiful day and it’s a good way for us to get out, and see our neighbors we haven’t seen in a long time.”