FCA’s Field’s of Faith hits home for participants


Nick Perez

FCA sings worship at fields of faith. Over 200 people came to the event.

On Wednesday night, the Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) hosted the annual Fields of Faith event on the high school baseball fields at 6 p.m. FCA leaders and a guest speaker, former superintendent Dr. Micheal Goddard, united in worship. The band covered the event from start to finish, playing songs of worship while leaders shared their “life verses.”

“I think it was really inspiring, it was a great message to many people there including me and it made me feel like I could go back into a relationship with God,” freshman Addie Lloyd said. “I think my favorite part was everyone being more vulnerable with each other because they felt safe. I love the prayer because it was a good way to give things that people are struggling with to God.”

Goddard reconnected with students he hadn’t seen since he left the district two years ago. The overall atmosphere of the event brought comfort to many, creating a safe space for students. Many students connected with new people, grew stronger relationships with the people they already knew and with Christ. 

“The turnout was great and the event ran smoothly, which was awesome,” senior FCA leader Sydney Legg said. “I thought that Dr. Goddard did a great job of laying out what the gospel really looks like. He related it back to athletes and having a “playbook” for life, which really relates to a lot of students. I think he reached a lot of people and God definitely spoke through him.” 

FCA provided free Chick-Fil-A, games and dedication to prayer for over 200 attendees. The event ran later than expected, extending from 9 to 10 p.m.

“Fields of Faith was different than the normal FCA [meeting] because we got the opportunity to host it at the high school’s baseball field, have a band lead worship and have Dr. Goddard as a guest speaker,” senior FCA leader Avery Wall said. “We had so many great opportunities and we are so grateful for all of the donations that made it possible.”