Choir qualifies for pre-area


Ryann Daugherty

Choir is going to the Region 25 contest. TRL’s Dhriti Pai tells us more about their competitions.

On Saturday Nov. 5, students in choir participated in the Region 25 competition. The Mixed Choir consisted of seniors Katy Knuckles, Ryder Sullivan, Daniel Lamping, junior Reece Robinson and Romi Kahana and freshman Sarah Hanchey. In the Treble Choir, sophomore Zoe Reed and freshman Katy Payne participated. The Honor Choir had sophomore Emily York and freshman Michael Yu. 

“Prior to the concert, each choir level received their new music that they would be learning, and we had one practice the previous Tuesday night for the choirs to run through their songs together,” Kahana said. “For the actual audition some of us went to camps over the summer, and we also learned and practiced the music in our choir class.” 

The competition qualifies students for the highest level: state choir. Choir had 10 students make the regional choir and four of those students advanced to pre-area.

“We performed by the audition section levels, so there was a mixed choir for those who are moving on to pre-area, Treble Choir for girls who made region and 9/10 Honor Choir for freshman and sophomores who didn’t make it to Treble Choir,” Kahana said. “For a few songs, we combined together, for instance all the girls sang together and all the boys sang together. [Then] for the star-spangled banner everyone sang together.” 

There are two phases of auditions for region: first is pre-area and then area. Making area qualifies students to be in the All-state Choir. Phase one was on Sept. 27 at Jasper High School, only altos and sopranos auditioned. Phase two was on Oct. 1 at Plano West High School, and those who advanced from phase one along with the tenors and basses auditioned. 

“Region choir is important because it tests your vocal abilities and how good of a singer you are,” York said. “Depending on how you do, you can advance to All-State Choir as well. It is also a good way to learn and improve your singing.” 

Their next audition, pre-area, will be on Nov. 15 at Plano Senior High School. Area auditions are Jan 7. 

 “In general, the region concert was pretty fun, and we’re all proud of how far we made it,” Hanchey said. “I am slightly nervous personally because pre-area is the most competitive round, there are 15 people in each section. They only take five, but no matter what happens, everybody did a great job and should be proud of their work.” 

The students will now continue to prepare for pre-area in hopes to qualify for area. 

“I’m very proud of everyone who auditioned,” York said. “It’s a difficult competition because everyone is very talented. It’s a big accomplishment if you move on to the next audition, and I’m proud of everyone who made it. I’m glad I was able to be one of them. I wish the best of luck to the students who advanced to pre-area.”