New HEB opens in Frisco


Eloise Friloux

New H-E-B store opens up in Frisco, Texas. TRL’s Addy McCaffity talks about the the long lines at the nes H-E-B and if it’s worth the wait.

At 6 a.m. on Sept. 21, 1500 people stood waiting in the dark watching the sunrise hoping to get a headstart on shopping in the new Frisco HEB. HEB says they may have seen 1 million dollars in sales on day one. 

“They always have everything you would need,” senior Hannah Dollinger said. “It’s like a better version of Walmart. Their great value brand is bad, but the HEB version of the great value brand is 1,000 times better.”

HEB, also known as “Here Everything’s Better,” is known for its famous cafe that serves build-your-own pizzas and sandwiches, the quality of the produce section and its own brand products that meet the expectations of many Texans and farmers. 

“The Texas cheesesteak sandwich is a 10/10 for me because it melts in your mouth,” freshman Sloane Hempkins said. 

People waited for the products for 12 hours the night before it opened. They waited so long that the Wakeland high school drumline came to keep them entertained. 

“I’m expecting there to be a line wrapped around the whole thing,” senior Sarah Muckelroy said. “There will be so many people waiting to get in including my mom and I.”

HEB has 420 stores in the South, including central and west Texas as well as Mexico. Until now, there had been no supermarkets in the DFW metroplex. Next year, Allen is getting its very own HEB. 

“My grandparents live in San Antonio, so there are HEBs down there and I’ve always enjoyed going to HEBs with them,” Muckelroy said. “They’re right in town, so I’m very excited that HEB is coming to Dallas.”

The site will be on Exchange Parkway, but as of now, heavy construction is going on to be prepared. Soon DFW will have another location to purchase all the items HEB has to offer. 

“I think that the whole area on Exchange will be packed for the first few weeks that HEB is open,” freshman Kaitlyn Miller said. “It’s something new and different we all have been waiting for.”