National Charity League opened for district


Ryann Daugherty

The National Charity League (NCL) created a new chapter for members in the district in May. In NCL, members participate in philanthropic activities in the community.

In May, a new chapter of the National Charity League (NCL) started for students in the district. NCL is a mother daughter organization which encourages members to serve and volunteer in their community. NCL is first open to new members when they reach seventh grade. 

“[NCL is a] wonderful opportunity to give back to the community, and share the experience with my daughter,” Maria Ritchie said. “It teaches students the importance of giving back to the community building a foundation that would be used for the rest of their lives.”

Members participate in philanthropy activities, as well as cultural events throughout their time in NCL. Some of the organizations the chapter works with include Allen Community Outreach, Project Linus and Feed My Starving Children.

 “My favorite thing about NCL is probably the volunteering opportunities,” said Annalysa Ritchie, sophomore Lovejoy chapter class president. “It’s easier to do more because we have so many on the calendar and that [NCL is] more flexible for my schedule than other organizations I’ve worked with.”

The new chapter allows more students to participate than previously could opening up new opportunities for leadership. Senior Emma Boland is the president of the chapter’s 11th and 12th grade classes.

“Basically as president, I’m in charge of planning and running the meetings and making sure each of the members are doing their jobs and managing their responsibilities, as well as doing all of the usual things, such as completing service hours,” Boland said.

To join the chapter, people must be sponsored by two current members.

“I think that NCL is important because it allows girls to learn more lessons that will help us in the future,” Ritchie said. “It helps empower women and give them leadership opportunities that allow everyone to grow. I also believe it gives everyone in NCL more involvement in the community and makes us more aware outside of the Lovejoy bubble we’re in.”