Student council to host Veterans Day dinner Nov. 12


Grace Nguyen

The Veterans Appreciation Dinner is Monday, Nov. 12 from 5:30-7 p.m. in the commons.

In an effort to honor the veterans around the community, the Student Council and Fine-Arts programs will be holding a banquet dinner on Nov. 12 for any veterans and their families in the community. A variety of fine arts groups will be performing.

“The Veterans Banquet is a great way for our school to highlight veterans in our community,” Student Council President Evie Mcgowan said.

A “White Table” display will be set up to honor those who could not return from war. Based on a children’s book America’s White Table, everything on the table represents something special to the veterans, families and community.

“I had thee classmates who were killed in Vietnam,” librarian Janet Tillman said. “So I kind of did the ‘White Table’ for them.”

This Veterans Day will honor those who have made many sacrifices both in past conflicts and present-day battles.

“Not everybody was greeted pleasantly when they returned from conflict,” Tillman said. “They suffered a lot. Even if they did not suffer physically, they were affected mentally.”

All veterans are welcome to attend the banquet to be honored, regardless of whether or not they have ties to the district.

“I hope [the veterans] feel the love and appreciation that Lovejoy has for them,” Student Council Member Halle Mayer said.