14 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Sarah Hibberd

Valentine’s Day is approaching and many people search for ways to celebrate the season. TRL’s Eleanor Koehn provides 14 ways to spend time with loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the pressure is on to find a date or Galentine’s idea. If you are looking for inspiration on what to do on the 14th, you have come to the right place. I will share 14 different ways to celebrate your loved ones this February, whether that’s with a date or with your closest friends. 

1. Picnic

A picnic is a classic Valentine’s Day celebration. Some may argue that this simplistic tradition is overdone, but with the right scenery and food to accompany the date, it can be enjoyable. I recommend finding a park where you normally don’t go. Bring lots of blankets (and if you are extra like me you can make them pink and red.) Don’t forget to pack lots of fine Valentine’s Day delicacies, ranging from heart-shaped cupcakes, brownies or the heart-shaped packages of chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A. 

2. Drive-In Movie Date 

This is a perfect way to watch a movie with a date or friends, without the confinements of a movie theater. You can bring blankets and pillows and watch the movie from a truck bed to make it even more adventurous. 

3. Rock Paper Scissors Date 

You may have originally seen this date idea on TikTok, but playing rock paper scissors to determine dinner courses is a fun twist on a seemingly casual outing. Whoever wins the battle gets to choose the location for the next course. The best thing about this date is that it’s affordable; you and your date can go to fast-food restaurants while still having fun. 

4. Trampoline park 

This may sound out of the ordinary, but a trampoline park is a perfect place to have an energetic date. Who said jumping up and down, doing backflips and playing dodgeball can’t be romantic? 

5. Dallas Museum of Art 

While the Dallas Museum of Art is just an example, going to an art museum with your friends or date can provide an intellectual and inquisitive outing. Make sure to bring along a date that appreciates the finer things in life, or it could turn boring fast. 

6. Charcuterie Board Night

Also originating on TikTok, hosting a Galentine’s night of delicious trays of food couldn’t get much better. Assign each friend a theme: “Dip Tray,” “Dessert Tray,” “Fast Food Tray,” etc. They can make a charcuterie board with variations of that theme and bring it to the party. This is a creative way to provide a variety of different food choices, while still providing an excuse to have fun with your girlfriends. 

7. Rom-Com Marathon

Yet another Galentine’s Day celebration, a romantic comedy marathon certainly provides laughs for hours. This idea is also on theme for Valentine’s Day. However, if you roll with a more heartbroken crowd, watching romantic tragedies is always another option. 

8. Super Bowl party 

If you didn’t know, the 2022 Super Bowl falls on the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for an excuse to get together with friends, a Super Bowl watch party is the perfect excuse. Even if they know nothing about football and are simply cheering on the most attractive quarterback, a Super Bowl is always a good way to bring people together. 

9. Galentine’s Brunch 

Another Galentine’s Day option is a brunch. You can go to a brunch restaurant or make brunch at home. Brunch is the epitome of a perfect Galentine’s Day celebration. Waffles, pancakes and croissants mixed with friends are the perfect combination.

10. Comedy Show 

Another date activity is going to see a comedy show. It will make sure to leave a smile and a good memory for both parties. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so if you want to see a comedy show, check the availability and locations of your favorite comedy club. 

11. Cooking Class or Cake Wars 

If you want an element of food mixed with an activity, a cooking class or a cake war would be perfect. You can find cooking classes at culinary businesses in the DFW area. Not only will you learn how to craft a delicious meal, but you will also get to try out the new recipe. If a cooking class is not an option, you can have a cake war in your very own kitchen. Hosting a friendly competition with the reward of beautifully decorated cakes sounds like the perfect day. 

12. Ice Skating 

Another date idea that brings a sense of activeness is ice skating. You can go to a local ice skating rink and skate around the rink together. If you are like me (uncoordinated) there may be an aspect of falling or colliding with a wall. But all the more fun, as ice skating can allow you and your date to make fun of yourselves while being active. 

13. Karaoke Night 

A karaoke night is a great way to host a group of friends. You can find a place to do karaoke which makes the embarrassment factor play a larger role. Or if you cannot find a local karaoke spot, hook up a microphone and sing up a storm. Karaoke is a great way to have fun and laugh while celebrating with your friends. 

14. Arrange flowers

Arranging flowers is another great way to combine creativity and fun. You and your date can go to a local Trader Joe’s or Market Street and buy a couple of bouquets of flowers, of varying styles, sizes, and colors. Then you can make your specialized bouquets that look like they came straight from a professional. 

Looking for an activity to do on Valentine’s Day can be tricky, but these 14 ideas are a fool-proof way to spend time with your friends and loved ones while having fun.

Kaitlin Anderson