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TRL’s Alexis Lambert shares her top seven winter fashion items


Eloise Friloux

Winter Fashion is officially on its way and swinging into action. TRL’s Alexis Lambert takes a look at this year’s winter fashion.

This upcoming winter season, prepare yourself for the comfiest era to come. For the longest time, fashion trends were never really interested in the comfortability of an outfit. But with Generation Z’s influence, are now able to transfer the pj’s in the morning to night out wear.

Here are my seven top items, I could see people walking out of their houses in. 

Boston Birken clogs

Courtesy of Pinterest

Of course, the Birkenstocks have to come back one way or another. A couple of years ago Birkenstock sandals were for the beach, and its VSCO aesthetic. Now back to the day-to-day “it girl” lifestyle. 

Sweat sets

Courtesy of Pinterest

Everyone loves a good sweat set to wear. Many people wear this in monochrome, making the bottoms the same as the top. It’s a very cozy item, especially for the winter; this is a must-have for your closet.

Big scarves

Courtesy of Pinterest

It’s been a while since scarves have come back as a trend, but since the beginning of the year, it is all about the warmth of the clothing. You will definitely be seeing these on the streets this year.  

Chunky knits

Courtesy of Shein

Pleasantly, the chunky knits are back again this year. Very good friends with the Pinterest-lovers, it gives all people a chance to be unique and custom the piece to themselves as well as keep you snug from the winter weather.

Puffer jackets

Courtesy of Pinterest

Of course for the winter, we all need a jacket; the puffer jacket does a perfect job of keeping you warm. The trendy, most notable puffer jacket is the North Face Puffer Jacket.


Courtesy of Pinterest

Around the 2010s, stripes were very significant and worn constantly. Since trends repeat themselves from time to time, I could see others bringing this back. 

Classic Mini Uggs 

Courtesy of Pinterest

The Uggs were a necessity for the Tumblr package many years ago, but now, it’s back with a cute change to the shoe. Now the ankle-cut Uggs rise came from people like Gigi Hadid wearing them on the street.