Student starts support project for senior class


Ryann Daugherty

Junior Elle Brumley started the program, Adopt-A-Senior, as a way to support the senior class after the school year was cut short.

With school being canceled for the rest of the year, seniors have lost their prom, graduation and last semester of high school. During times of isolation, Elle Brumley has made her senior project, Adopt-A-Senior, to help support the seniors through this tough time. 

“The idea came after talking with some senior parents and seeing other similar Facebook pages from other schools in our area,” junior Elle Brumley said. “I contacted the school to let them know what I was doing, and they were really excited to include it in the senior activities and get the community involved.”

Brumley received her inspiration from seeing other schools that have taken part in a similar project. With the help of a girl who runs a McKinney High School page, senior parents, and Lovejoy parent, Kim Lloyd, Brumley set up the Facebook page

“Elle reached out last week as an idea to support our seniors and for her senior project,” principal Chris Mayfield said. “Knowing that our seniors are missing the last nine weeks of their high school careers, many in our community have expressed a desire to support them. Elle’s project is another way they can get involved.”

The Adopt-A-Senior project is a way for seniors to receive support from the community. The Facebook page has a list of graduating seniors, and a space where seniors and their parents can post a bio about themselves. People in the community can choose a senior and send them gifts and treats. 

“I love the Adopt-A-Senior project,” senior Olivia Porsch said. “It’s super creative and it’s a really special way to make all of us seniors feel loved during this time.”

With seniors unable to be recognized at school, Brumley is using this project as a new way to honor seniors. 

“I have a lot of senior friends and it’s been sad seeing all they are missing out on.” Brumley said, “I hope this is something that blesses them and their families and shows them how much they are loved by the whole community.”

Community members who choose to participate will come together to provide seniors with food, activities or hand-made gifts.

“I think this really shows everyone how great of a community we have at Lovejoy,” Brumley said. “Not only is it a great way to encourage the seniors, but it’s also a great way to connect with the entire community during a time when we can’t see each other.”

The  district has been putting up yard signs and turning on stadium lights to honor seniors throughout this time of isolation, and the Adopt-A-Senior project has provided another way for them to do that. 

“I think the coolest thing about the project, and just the way the year is going for the seniors in general, is getting to see the whole community rally around us,” Porsch said “It shows that this entire thing is so much bigger than just the senior class missing out on graduation and I don’t think I would want this year to end any other way.”