Senior Goodbye: The bitter and the sweet


Courtesy of Margo Friloux

“Looking back, all of the sweet moments have suppressed the bitter. High school is what you make of it. Cherish the relationships you build because that is what you will remember and take away from high school.”

Writing this has been really difficult for me. I have thought about what I would write my senior goodbye over since freshman year, which seems like ages ago. But now, I absolutely hate writing my last story. It is so strange that I am closing out a chapter of my life. I kept trying to push this off because I really do not want it to end. Yes, I am so excited about college, and I literally can not do a single piece of work in any of my classes yet I still have a month left. But, a part of me doesn’t want it to end.

High school was very bittersweet for me. On one end, I met my favorite people in the world, and I made so many amazing memories. But, on the other hand, I had a heaping load of extracurriculars on my plate and was getting killed by my AP teachers (Barter and Eairheart).

Because both factors played such a large role in my high school career, it would be wrong not to dedicate this to the lessons I learned from both the bitter and the sweet.


The Bitter
In eighth grade, signing up for classes my mom forced me to sign up for AP Human Geography. And after that, she decided I would do as many APs as I could. I was loaded with work in my junior year. I was not only getting a reality check from Eairheart’s harsh grading, but I also had basketball, TRL, and CNA. I felt so distant and disconnected from everyone and just swamped with work. I remember breaking down and crying after a hard day of school or after Barter announced another test. I have never felt more overwhelmed than I did junior year. It was definitely the hardest year of high school not only academically, but also emotionally.

The Sweet
As draining as the junior year was, I learned so much. Not only did my teachers contribute to my knowledge but they also taught me so much more. I’ve learned valuable life lessons through taking these classes. Looking back, my busy schedule actually wasn’t so bad now that I have nothing to do anymore. I will miss the hecticness of high school. The bonds I created in my classes over how confused and lost we were, especially in Biology. Even after all the chaos, I am truly grateful that my mom forced me to take all of these classes. I have learned so much.


The Bitter
I have played basketball since I was seven years old. I’ve always loved it (maybe not actually playing, just my friends, but still). My experience on varsity from my sophomore to senior year was definitely one of growth. I struggled with playing time and didn’t find myself enjoying it anymore during my sophomore year. Of course, my parents did not let me quit (even though I begged). This struggle continued into my senior year, and I was at the point where I was ready to be done.

The Sweet
I would not have continued basketball if it were not for my teammates. I have never met funnier people, and I absolutely love spending time with them. I have played with almost half of the team since I was seven. I cannot imagine playing with anyone else. They actually made practice fun. I even made a new friend my senior year and became bench buddies with her. Coach Richey and I will make any situation a laughing matter, and I appreciate the relationship we created this year. Basketball taught me how to make the best out of every situation and keep a positive mindset. This team means so much to me and I love all of the girls so much. I will forever remember all the memories; the bus rides, travel tournaments, practices where we had to run so much because we could not stop talking, Buc-ee’s trips and laughing so hard I could not breathe. The sweetness of my team took away from the bitterness of basketball.


The Bitter
There is not much bitterness with TRL. The only thing that really stands out is story ideas. And, thankfully, I do not have to even look at a story ideas form after this is posted. Throughout my four years in TRL, I did have times when I did not want to write a single thing. But, I eventually realized it really was not that difficult and told myself not to be lazy.

The Sweet
I can not write this without mentioning my “Leopard Life bffs.” Parker, Lindsey and Doig have been the reason I stuck to TRL. I appreciate all of the memories I have with them, even if some include Doig participating in the calling the hogs or husbands contest. The MW Sports Podcast was a fun endeavor Doig and I did this year. It was a really cool way for us to get to know more about athletes around the school and recognize them. TRL taught me hard work and the value of community. TRL has been like a family these past four years, and I am so grateful for the memories.

My People

The Bitter
The idea of leaving my favorite people and the one’s who I have spent the last four years stings. I truly do not know what I will do without them.

The Sweet
I met my favorite people in high school. Throughout the years of ups and downs, I found the people that mean the most to me and will always be there for me. The people that have made high school so great, who I really love being around and who bring out the best in me. I have known Morgan Streeter since she was the new kid in my third-grade class, and we have been friends ever since. Morgan has shown me the importance of strength and resilience. She knows how to stand up for herself and will for anyone else. She has always been in my corner, and I know that she will continue to be (Boomer Sooner!). Next came Taylor Reiner. Taylor and I have been friends since freshman year. Taylor is the funniest person I have met. She will never fail to make you laugh or put a smile on your face. Taylor has taught me compassion and honesty and I am lucky to have her. Morgan Johns is someone I can always count on and my go-to advice girl. She always has an answer to my problems and is always willing to listen. MJ is caring and loyal to everyone she encounters and I am blessed to have a friend like her. Bella Landrum has a heart of gold. She knows how to brighten everyone’s day and is one of the most bubbly, happy people I’ve met. Bella has taught me dedication and she is one of the strongest people I know. Parker has been in my life for about three years now. He always knows what to say and how to make people laugh. He is one of the most thoughtful and considerate people. Parker has taught me how to care for others and shown me selflessness. He is always there for me when I need him and I appreciate him so much. I will forever cherish all of the memories high school has brought me and I am grateful to have had these people by my side through it all. I haven’t even wrapped my head around the fact that we will all go our separate ways in a few months. It breaks my heart, and I do not want to think about it. But, I am appreciative of the moments and memories we have gotten to share. I would not have been able to make it through high school with anyone else.

Looking back, all of the sweet moments have suppressed the bitter. High school is what you make of it. Cherish the relationships you build because that is what you will remember and take away from high school. Appreciate the lessons you learn and what high school has in store for you. Live in the moment and appreciate all of the memories you are making as you go through high school. I know everyone says it, but these four years will really flash by in the blink of an eye. So, just makes the most of every moment and remember that high school is bound to be bittersweet, just accept the bitterness and cherish the sweetness. Peace out for the last time, FNR.