Trial and error

TRL’s Anna Frost shares her story on finding her passions


Grace Gonzalez

“Even with these two amazing things, I still never stopped looking for new activities to involve myself in.”

I believe that everyone in this world has a place, whether decided by a higher power, destiny or pure coincidence; everyone belongs somewhere. It’s all about finding exactly that place for you. For some, it comes naturally. You try something; you love it; you succeed. But for others like me, it takes a lot of trial and error. 

Throughout my middle and high school years so far, I have been a part of volleyball, basketball, track, lacrosse, theater, art, choir, fishing, cross country, newspaper and soccer. I have been very blessed with all of these chances to get involved and explore, but after a while, that feeling of not belonging begins to drain you. I put so much pressure on myself to find something I was good at. After my many failed attempts at finding something I loved and where I felt accepted, I stumbled across some of the greatest gifts in my life by almost accident. 

In my first year on staff, I dabbled in everything. Food reviews, sports stories, graphic design, you name it I probably did it. None of it felt right. One day my good friend asked me to take photos with her, I said yes, and that’s where it started. Photography took me a long time to learn, and even longer to love. But now, I’m on the sidelines with amazing teams in incredible places. While that is all wonderful, my greatest joy in photography is seeing the people whose lives it touches. I thought my photos were just for the players, but now I see that my photos are for parents, grandparents, family Christmas cards and future memories. Getting to touch so many people’s lives, even in the smallest way, makes me feel loved and appreciated.

Sports have always been hard for me. If I’m not the best at something, I make myself feel worthless. After I had just quit basketball, my sport of eight years, I randomly decided to sign up to run cross country in the summer. I adored my track coach and wanted to be a part of a team I had heard was so impactful. What I first saw as a rebound from basketball, became one of the best things that ever happened to me. The cross country team changed my life in so many ways: it changed my mindset, brought me to so many amazing people who were always there for me, and made me a tougher person. I am a terrible runner, and that’s not much of a secret to anyone on the team. I was never insulted for it, never teased, never given anything but the kindest welcome imaginable. Running this summer changed me from lazy and unathletic, to hardworking and strong.

Even with these two amazing things, I still never stopped looking for new activities to involve myself in. My friends on the girls soccer team approached me saying the team needed players. I told myself, “It will be a new adventure, and even if it doesn’t work out well, it’s still important to try.” So I did. I tried out for the soccer team a few weeks ago and so far it is so much fun. Soccer as a game is cool, but soccer as a community is even better, everyone has been so nice, and I’m excited to try it out this season.

So never be afraid to try new things, you never know what you might find. Sometimes, in order to find your perfect fit, you have to find what doesn’t fit first. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t found your place yet, because you will, it just might take a little time.