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Senior Goodbye: Concluding the Doig legacy

“It’s also bittersweet knowing I am concluding the Doig legacy set before me by my brothers Grant and Drew. They encouraged me to take this class and I couldn’t be happier that I took their advice and followed in their footsteps.”

It feels super weird to say the least as I sit here writing my senior goodbye. It truly feels like yesterday that I was a freshman walking into this school for the first time overwhelmed by what I thought was a huge school. On orientation day, I remember a senior saying that high school goes by in a blink of an eye. Being a freshman, I thought that was all talk, but man, it really has gone by quick. I have developed some amazing relationships and have gone through hardships that have shaped me into who I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

Freshman year was the infamous “covid year”. I really enjoyed my first semester. I was mesmerized by the expanded lunch line menu, got to experience different kinds of classes that I wasn’t used to, and had a great season on the freshman basketball team. Months went by and everyone went to spring break. Little did I know, that break would cause me to not go back to high school for a while. COVID was in full form and I was now, like everyone else, in a quarantine zone. I didn’t like quarantine since everything was so restricted, but I did enjoy the lesser school work, Tik Tok trends, and binge-watching Netflix like Outer Banks and others. This continued, and I finally ended my Zoom meeting for the final time, ending my freshman year.

Sophomore year was definitely the hardest year for me. We were able to go to school, but we were on a blocked schedule where we went to four classes a day for an extended period. I did this for the first few months but hated being in one class for so long. Because of this, I switched to online. Although it was much better to be able to manage my own time, it was a season of my life where I lacked a routine and where I felt alone and reserved. Fast forward to the end of the year, JV basketball season had ended. After spring break, the offseason started and I found myself lacking passion and empathy for the sport I loved since I started playing in first grade. I tried to overcome this obstacle but remained unmotivated to play the best that I could. This led to multiple long conversations with family which eventually led to a conversation with Coach Herrema and eventually, I ended my basketball career. Although I lost the drive to play the sport that I loved, it was still very hard. Basketball was basically my life up to this point and it was not an easy decision. During the last couple of months of school, I continued online and directed my attention to a fun summer and a busy schedule to come in my junior year.

Junior year was one that consisted of long hours of school, growing new friendships, and the next step in my faith. I only took one AP class in Psychology but the workload was still heavy with classes like Pre Cal and Physics. At this point, I had really found my community of friends. I was in AP Psychology class with Will Drescher who had been one of my good friends in middle school, but we kind of drifted away as we got to high school. We sat next to each other so naturally, we talked a lot (sorry Mr. Baker). This led to me hanging out with him and all my other closest friends today like Noah, Ben, Matthew, Hunter, Caden, and Nathaniel. In addition, I grew closer to some of my other friends like Sydney, Avery, Hannah, Meredith, and Maddie. We all did and still do a lot of stuff together which I’m so grateful for (shoutout liver king group chat). In addition, I started going back to FCA every week with my friends, some of who were leaders. This was a season in my life where I started taking my faith more seriously after seeing my brother’s life changed by Jesus. He motivated me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and continue to grow in community and fellowship with my friends. The rest of junior year consisted of countless hours of studying for the SAT, taking the actual SAT, sand volleyball nights, hanging with friends, and finishing strong in the hardest academic year I had up to that point.

Now we get to senior year, easily my favorite year of all. I have thoroughly enjoyed the light workload although it has led to a serious case of senioritis since late December. In addition, I’ve been in my first year as an FCA leader, I’ve applied to colleges, I’ve started working as a server at Sunview Cafe, started a podcast with Margo, and have enjoyed my final homecoming and prom ever. Despite all the fun stuff about senior year, the best part was getting accepted into my dream school, Auburn University. Back in October I received a deferral status and was forced to not only wait for them to come back in March but also strongly consider other schools that I took a liking to. As March approached I was nervous about where my life would take me with a singular college decision looming. This season tested my faith, and I made a decision soon after my deferral to place all my reliance on the Lord and his unfailing plan for me. On March 3rd, I received an update in my Auburn portal. I opened the update and found out I had been accepted. For those who know me, this was something I’ve been looking forward to since I was a kid. Auburn has always been the place I’ve wanted to go and I can’t wait to head up there in the fall. As my senior year closes, I am looking forward to graduating and moving on to the next chapter of my life. I’m excited for all the things Auburn has to offer me and I couldn’t be more excited, but I’m also soaking up every last minute I have.

I’m not only thankful for my high school experience but I’m also very thankful for TRL. This class has taught me so much from the value of deadlines, thinking outside the box, among countless others. I began the class in sophomore year and was back in class with my core friends and the middle school Leopard Life trio of Lindsey, Parker, and Margo. Those three hold a special place in my heart and I’m forever grateful for our friendship. Being back with all of them was my favorite part of being in this publication with the addition of the world-class snack cabinet on FNR Fridays and managing the sports section with my fellow sports editor, Margo. It’s also bittersweet knowing I am concluding the Doig legacy set before me by my brothers Grant and Drew. They encouraged me to take this class and I couldn’t be happier that I took their advice and followed in their footsteps.

So as I close, I want to encourage everyone to soak up every moment, find your people, and find what makes you happy and pursue that further. As cliche as it sounds, high school is something you will take part in once so make the most of it and don’t wish it away for a second. Big shoutout to everyone in this class for continuing the TRL legacy we have, FNR.

Oh and to close, you know I couldn’t end without saying this. WAR EAGLE!

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Will Doig
Will Doig, Section Editor
Entering his farewell year, senior Will Doig is excited about becoming a sports editor. Outside of the newsroom, you can find Doig watching any latest sporting event, hanging out with his friends and hitting the gym. Doig also loves volunteering at his church, going to The Porch with friends and eating Chipotle burritos. Doig appreciates some solid coffee, Saturday college football games in the fall and country music. Although the year will be an unprecedented one with college decisions looming, Doig is thrilled for the year ahead while concluding his TRL career with fellow sports editor and Leopard Life classmate, Margo.

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