Band competes in region competition


Eloise Friloux

The band competed in the UIL Region 25 competition. Band pulled through and got the highest scores possible.

The band competed Saturday, Oct. 15 at the UIL Region 25 in Prosper. The band went up against over 10 other schools from all over the state. The band scored all ones, receiving the highest scores possible.

“Everyone has a job to do and everyone does their part,” said senior trombone player Sam Reagan. “Success is also about performing, just playing and marching isn’t enough, you have to make the judges and audience have an emotional reaction to your show.”

All parts of the band work together to put on the best show possible in order to get the highest possible score. Without 100% effort from every member of the marching band, percussion and color guard, there could be stick-outs in sound or people off tempo.

“Our band did very well amongst a wide variety of bands at the competition,” said band director John Zellar. “[The band] received a one meaning we were amongst the best of the best at the contest.”

The band has a long history of competing and placing high at local and state wide competitions. On Sept. 24, the band competed in the annual Golden Triangle Marching Classic and finished in first place against other schools in North Texas; they also placed first in 2019. The band will compete this Saturday at the Area Marching Contest and next Saturday at BOA (Bands of America) Regionals at Waco.

“Competitions always give me a sense of why I do what I do,” said senior color guard member Michaela Amabile. “Putting final products out on the field makes all the long hours of rehearsals worth it. It also gives us a point to go off of for what needs to improve and change.”

During a competition, performers are being meticulously watched and ridiculed by the judging panel. A band can lose points by marching out of time, playing out of tune, getting off beat, poor marching technique or if a student is out of line. In order to prevent these mistakes, band students show up as early as 6:30 a.m. for rehearsals and can go home as late as midnight on Friday game days.

“[Band students] dedicate a lot of time to their craft but are rewarded through the excellence they achieve both competitively and internally,” said Zellar. “We truly have exceptional students in the Lovejoy Band.”