Senior counselor receives College Board Recognition


Amiya Callicutt

Lead and senior counselor Mary Cabrera was named as one of the College Board Recognized Counselors. Cabrera works with the seniors and helps them meet all of their deadlines for applying to colleges.

Lead and senior counselor Mary Cabrera became a College Board Recognized Counselor this year, one of a select group of counselors across the country.

“College Board recognizes counselors nationwide based on their dedication to helping students through utilizing College Board resources with AP and SAT,” Cabrera said. “Most of the coordinators nominated are AP coordinators, which is the role that I have on campus.”

The College Board Recognition program honors counselors “who go the extra mile for their students.”

“The students are [my] favorite part of my job,” Cabrera said. “I love getting to know my students and seeing them do great things in high school and afterward. I still keep in contact with a lot of the seniors who have graduated. They call me with questions about life, college or just to check in.”

Cabrera worked in the district as an English teacher before transitioning to her position as a counselor. In this role, Cabrera provides academic and emotional support to students.

“[Mrs. Cabrera] has been a great counselor to me,” senior Kelly Zhang said. “She always made me feel safe when I entered her office, and her advice has gotten me through countless tough school days. She’s the sweetest counselor I’ve ever worked with, and she really works to ensure everyone gets the personalized help they need.”

As the senior counselor, Cabrera also aids seniors through the college application process.

“Mrs. Cabrera was super helpful when I was applying to college,” senior Allie Johnson said. “She wrote recommendations for me, and she helped me get things organized, so that I made all the deadlines. She’s super caring and dedicated to helping everyone, and I loved having her as my counselor.”

The College Board Recognition requires a nomination from a peer or administrator in the education field. Recipients receive a pin, certificate and recognition on the website. 

“[A good counselor] is a good listener, willing to listen to the students, one that wants to get to know their students, as well as one that understands, or is empathetic,” Cabrera said.