Senior collects feminine products for homeless shelter


Courtesy of Molly Gornell

Senior Molly Gornell is collecting products for Austin Street Homeless Center. So far, Gornell has collected $1,300.

Senior and AP art student Molly Gornell created a website, Help Women Help Women, to collect donations for those in need at Austin Street Homeless Center to purchase feminine products. Molly has already received over half of her goal in donations through her website. 

“My goal is to raise $2,500, which I have done by posting on my Instagram and sharing with friends and family,” Molly said.

Molly continues to progress toward her goal with support from her friends and family. 

“I’d say I have been supportive of [Molly] by not only actually donating, but I’ve been able to see her design and set up her website and idea,” senior and friend Grace Flinchbaugh said. 

Molly was inspired to start her website and collection donations by her previous residency, Los Angeles, CA.

“I go to LA every summer because I used to live there, and last time I was there, my friends and I spent a lot of the summer buying water bottles for the homeless,” Molly said. “It inspired the project. I figured it was something I could make a difference in and make a direct difference in my community.” 

Molly identifies a as feminist, and maintains qualities that lead her to help others. 

“Most of all, I appreciate that Molly’s mission fills a selfless, often overlooked need,” Molly’s dad, Gabriel Gornell said. “She’s in it to do something that actually helps others.” 

Molly continues to raise money for her website. 

“My parents are very supportive, I have had some friends and family members that are just so excited to help,” Molly said. “I feel like we are in such a time where people want to be positive.  And people are like yes of course I will donate. When you see friends donating it’s a really great feeling.”