Take 2: Election delay, terrorist attack


Hannah Gonzalez

The Take 2 series features brief weekly updates on the state or nation’s relevant news for the community.

Election chaos: Election Day was Tuesday, but the country still awaits final results for the 2020 election. COVID-19 added the component of mail-in ballots, which has delayed counting and raised questions of voter fraud. The states that are still counting votes happen to be battleground states that are crucial to either side in winning the election. 

Significance: It is not clear when the American people will know who their president for the next four years will be. President Trump has filed many lawsuits in battleground states over ballot counting. This could further delay results, but also insure accuracy. With votes still being totaled, the country could witness a historic voter turnout. The number of votes has already surpassed the 2016 election and is projected to be the most votes in the nation’s history. 

Vienna terrorist attack: A terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria left four people dead and over 20 injured. The gunman, later fatally shot by police, opened fire Monday night on a group of people prior to the nationwide curfew. Citizens were warned to avoid the center of the city, due to more shots being fired in different locations. Fourteen people were arrested in relation to the attack. 

Significance: The attack was claimed by Jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS). This adds to the rising tension in the East. In the past few weeks, France has experienced terror attacks including a Parisian teacher being beheaded and a knife attack on a church that killed three people. The frequent extremist attacks raise concern and have both France and Vienna on high alert.