LJVA starts cookbook fundraiser


Amiya Callicutt

Student looks at LJVA’s flyer about the cookbook. LJVA encourages students to submit recipes.

The Lovejoy Visual Arts (LJVA) program is creating their first cookbook fundraiser. Students and community members are encouraged to submit their recipes, where the AP artists will then provide illustrations for the recipes to go into the book. 

“The LJVA illustrated cookbook is a project to capture memories and family recipes from the community,” said Molly Gornell, senior AP drawing student and gallery manager. “The recipes will be illustrated by the studio artists and made into a cookbook you can purchase.”  

AP drawing students have encouraged the community through flyers and Instagram posts for people to send in their recipes to the cookbook with their goal of uniting the community and raising funds for their program. 

“I think over anything else, this adds a positive connection to our community in these dark times and shines more light on the amazing artists within our program,” said Grace Flinchbaugh, senior AP Drawing student and gallery manager.

In the past, LJVA students have used food as something to bring them together. Whether it be bringing food to studio nights, critique days or baking bread together, the artists believe it is something that ties them together. 

“I love the idea of meals and tables bringing people together,” AP art teacher Brice McCasland said. “It’s a very sacred thing, whether it be with our friends or family. So, [we are] trying to figure out a way to celebrate that. The world feels pretty divisive right now, so anything we can do to help people remember the things that hold us together, rather than things that push us apart.”

Since starting the project, LJVA has received about 40 submissions.

“We are optimistic for more, so we can have a wide variety of recipes and people being a part of this project within the Lovejoy community,” said Kiley Boots, AP drawing Senior and gallery manager.

The LJVA students are hopeful to continue this project for years to come and create a new tradition for the program. 

“In the art department we have a major focus on legacies,” Gornell said. “This is a chance for us to create a fun tradition and pass on our legacy. So far many families have submitted recipes through the google form. Please submit yours too. There is no greater legacy then the passing on of family recipes.”