Homecoming celebrations continue despite COVID-19


Hannah Gonzalez

Homecoming activities start today and will continue through this week. There will be a community pep rally in the stadium on Wednesday.

Homecoming festivities are occurring this week, and they look different this school year. Along with the traditional dress-up days throughout the week, there is also a pep rally after school on Wednesday, and a short firework show after the homecoming game on Friday. 

“I think it’s a good idea to boost some morale, and get the students excited about something since we don’t actually have a hoco dance,” senior Abigail Le said. “It’s safe and fun.”

The community pep rally will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the stadium. The pep rally is being held in place of activities like the Mr. Lovejoy pageant, powder puff and the dance.

“One of the changes we’ve made this year is having the pep rallies outside,” senior cheer spirit captain Caroline Dobbs said. “This way we’re able to have pep rallies, while also following social distancing regulations for safety.”

Students are also participating in dress-up days according to a different theme for each day

“I think that hoco is still fun with the dress up days, and I think that even though not everyone can be at school, we can still have a good time,” senior Peter Godipelly said.

Student council has come up with ways for both students and faculty to participate in homecoming celebrations safely. 

“I think that this year has been really rough, and that our school is doing the best they can to try to make our high school, seniors especially, enjoy their hoco even though we aren’t able to have a dance,” junior student council member Griffin Peay said. “We have a week full of creative dress-up days, and of course, the football game, so I think that we are still getting a great hoco experience.”