Students return to full week schedule


Katie Dolberry

Freshman Makenna Ford works on her computer in Mr. Daugherty’s Human Geography class. The class is currently studying immigration.

Entering the second quarter, students who are attending school in person are now on campus five days a week, instead of two to three times a week. This is the first time since March that the majority of students will attend school on campus every day.

“Going back to school with both groups has strengthened my learning experience,” senior Abigail Le said. “Being able to potentially collaborate with more peers while social distancing, has helped me better understand the topics I am learning.”

Face-to-face students are adjusting to a full-time schedule of classes at the school. 

“Going back to school full-time face-to-face so far has made school more interesting again,” senior Jeremy Van Riper said. “It’s fun having more class discussions and seeing more people in person. I do wish I still had the choice to go online half of the time.”

Alongside students, teachers are learning how to adapt to the new schedule, and how to instruct with a fuller classroom.

“It’s been a little chaotic because even though we have the numbers, there’s always been this kind of not knowing whether the kids who say that they are face to face are actually going to be face to face,” history teacher Timothy Daugherty said. “It hasn’t been bad. [Administration] has done a really good job to try to reduce class sizes down as much as they can.”