Majestics to perform first halftime of season


Courtesy of Tru Photography by Jaime

The Majestics have been practicing for months to prepare for football season. This year’s Majestic dance officers include seniors Sydney Spors, Grace Guzinski, and Alexa Barajas and juniors Makenzie Aubel, Kylie Gannon, and Gina Peoples.

The Majestics are returning for their first halftime performance this Friday after not performing since a competition in February. 

“We have been practicing our pom routine every morning in order to be ready for our halftime performance,” junior lieutenant Kylie Gannon said. “I am super excited to get back on the field and perform.”

The team worked on Zoom during the summer leading up to their line camp, where they were able to meet in person to work on their routines.

“Due to the uncertainty this year brings, the team has learned how to adapt quickly to any last minute changes and work efficiently during practice to utilize our time,” Gannon said. “Camp really helped prepare us for the year and bond us as a team.”

The Majestics have made modifications to their routines to ensure social distancing and provide a safer experience for the team.

“We are not doing a kick line or hooking up anymore,” sophomore member Hannah Wyrick said. “Our formations are all at least six feet apart at all times, and we have to wear masks when we are not performing.”

Tryouts are held each December for the Majestics, so the rookies were able to participate in pre-drill and summer activities to help prepare them for their first performance.

“It definitely has been a different learning experience [for rookies] because we have to maintain our distance from each other,” Wyrick said. “It is sometimes difficult because we have to be very conscious of all the protocols. The veterans have really been helping though, and they made us all feel welcomed.”

This year the Majestics will only be at home games, but even with the decrease in performances, the team is still looking forward to the season.

“I’m looking forward to our performance during the game on Friday to bring back a sense of normalcy,” senior member Alex McCaffity said. “With all the uncertainty right now, I think that the game and performance is something that the community needs.”