District switches to at-home learning in response to COVID-19


Grace Nguyen

Earlier today, superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard announced that students would not return to school until April 3. In the meantime, students will complete their coursework digitally.

In addition to extending the high school’s spring break in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students will not be returning to school until Friday, April 3, and the district has also cancelled or delayed all school events until that date.

“I think switching to at-home learning will affect students positively and negatively,” Lovejoy parent Colleen O’Brien said. “The activities being canceled are going to hurt student morale. There are so many activities that students truly enjoy and look forward to that have been canceled such as UIL. On the other hand, this will be a chance for all of us to become more computer savvy and learn to have new routines by learning at home.”

During their time off, students will be completing their coursework and interacting with their teachers through online platforms such as Google Classroom and Zoom. The district will also be launching a “Leaping Into @Home Learning” website tomorrow to provide a platform with resources for families and students to reference during their time at home.

“I feel that online school is going to be hard to adjust to because most of us have never had to do it before and it’s nothing like going to school and meeting your friends and teachers and sitting in a classroom,” junior Prachi Saxena said.

Regarding prom and upcoming senior activities, the district has mentioned that they will be receiving guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and making decisions on what events will be postponed as the events approach since they are currently unsure of the effects COVID-19 will have during that time. 

“We’re going to continue to stay in touch with you and communicate with you,” superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard said. “Just know that you’re loved and cared for. We are ‘One Heart, One Lovejoy,’ and that’s what makes it so special.”