German consul speaks to global business class

In efforts to give the global business class an opportunity to hear from an financial executive, business teacher John Krieghbaum invited the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Dallas, Andreas Bremer, to speak about his association with Germany this past Wednesday.

“We’ve studied about Germany, global business tariffs, and international business,” Krieghbaum said. “We targeted Germany because of its close trading relationships with the United States and vice versa.” 

  In his speech, Bremer touched on a few topics that the students in global business studied. He discussed the trade between the United States and Germany, what businesses and schools are like in Germany compared to the US, internship opportunities and more. 

“It brings the content that we’ve studied in class to life,” Krieghbaum said. “It brings the words like tariffs, embargos, trade theories, and forgein to life and they get to hear from someone that can speak from that perspective”

Bremer assists German citizens living in Dallas and he encourages people to travel to Germany.

“We work for German families who would like to invest in the United States,” Bremer said. “We find for them real estate opportunities, we do a cultural translation, we explain to the German investor what happens here and we have to explain to the United States developer who is selling the real estate how to work with the German family.” 

Hearing from an executive in the community gives students an opportunity to ask questions about the real-world of business, which connects to the school-based content they are learning about in the classroom.