Drumline places sixth in Plano competition


Courtesy of Lovejoy Band

The drumline and front ensemble warm up on a parking lot before performing. The drumline later received a placement of sixth in their division of eight bands.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, students in the drumline competed at Clark Stadium in the Plano Drumline Competition. The percussionists placed sixth in their division and moved up to a higher division than last year in the competition.

“So this year we were competing against mostly 6As, like we competed against Mckinney,” percussion director Nathan Lewis said,” but we placed higher than Mckinney which was pretty neat, so we beat a couple of 6A schools in the classification.”

The band will perform in Denton at the Golden Triangle competition on Saturday, Sept. 28 at 2:45 for the prelims performance. They will compete against 20 other groups. The performance is open for students and families to come watch. 

“I think that it shows that we have a lot of room to improve, but we are really off to a great start, and it’s promising,” drum major Joe Harris said. 

Percussion students, including the drumline and the front ensemble, have been learning their show since late July and have performed during the halftime shows with the band. 

“We did rehearsals before [the performance], and those were really really clean so we felt really good going into the competition,” performer Maddy Allen said.

According to Lewis, players ran into a couple of problems while performing. 

We have two months basically to perfect it and craft it into the best show Lovejoy has ever had, and we are really excited.”

— Percussion Director Nathan Lewis

“The kids had a really good performance,” Lewis said. “There were a couple of things that were different just because we are used to playing with the band, so we had a couple of challenges with that, but besides that it was a good performance.”

Some of the performers said they have hope for the rest of the season and are hoping to only get better from the spot they are in right now. 

“We got a lot of really good feedback from the judges, so we are in a really good spot,” Lewis said. “At this point we have the entire show on the field. We have two months basically to perfect it and craft it into the best show Lovejoy has ever had, and we are really excited.”