School to provide EMT class


Parker Nolan

The EMT class will provide hands-on experience for those who want to further their education in the medical field.

Students may now take a course that gives nine credit hours and gain experience as an emergency medical technician, or an EMT. This is the first year the EMT class will be hosted at the high school, and it will be offered annually as a full year course instead of the previous one semester course option.

“EMT has been offered at Lovejoy ISD for the past three years [that I am aware of],” health science teacher Tina Basinger said. “Last year was my first year teaching at Lovejoy, and I heard from my students that they wanted to take EMT their senior year, but were unable because it was only offered the second semester for four class periods.”

The class will be administered through Collin College, where students will meet for skills sessions, and the lectures will be at the high school. They will also meet at fire stations and different local hospitals for rotations to get hands-on experience working as an EMT. The class will be taught by an EMT instructor from Collin College.

“I hope to gain new knowledge about the body, and the way EMTs have procedures in saving lives and going about doing their job,” junior Grayson Ream said. “I signed up for the class because I want to make a difference in someone else’s life.”