AP art to host 9th annual shows

Junior Trace Sutherlin poses with his 3D work.

Shae Daugherty

Junior Trace Sutherlin poses with his 3D work.

Advanced Placement studio art students will be displaying and selling their works in two shows this weekend.

Tonight the three dimensional sculpture works will be shown beginning at 6 p.m. in the E hall art gallery. On Saturday, the two dimensional art show will take place in at 341 Town Place in Fairview from 5-9 p.m.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to buy artwork from the individual artists. On Saturday, visitors will also be able to participate in an auction to purchase supplies for an elementary school art program in another district.

Junior Trace Sutherlin said he has been working hard on his art pieces in preparation for the show.

“I was inspired by watching a lot of fantasy horror to make these pieces that evoke this feeling of horror and the design aspects of fantasy creatures,” Sutherlin said.

Students have been able to pick what they want to display from their portfolio. The amount of space students get for their art depends on how many pieces they decide to display.

“Jackie Albers has some really cool stone sculptures, and stone is hard to work with, so I respect the fact she chose to do that for her concentration,” AP 3D art teacher Jeff Seidel said.

Visitors will be able to walk through the whole display room looking at every piece that is displayed.

Junior Kassidy Litchenburg has been working on a 3D representation of a room and wardrobe.

“With my work, I looked to publicly challenge how much hope and happiness we put into materialistic things,” Litchenburg said. “I was so interested in this idea because I catch myself finding my identity in what I wear, and through my art I was able to work through that.”