Lake Texoma reaches dangerous algae levels

Lake Texoma reaches dangerous algae levels

The algae in Lake Texoma is reaching dangerous levels.

Liz Schasel, Editor-in-chief

Lake Texoma, a major recreation point for many people in North Texas, has now been deemed unsafe due to toxic blue-green algae levels. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers determined the lake’s dangerous levels of algae on Friday, August 26, and now lake officials are prohibiting any water contact in many popular areas of the park including Treasure Island, Caney Creek, Buncombe Creek, Big Mineral Arms and Juniper Point.

Blue-green algae are bacteria that thrive in dry conditions in warm, dormant water and produce toxins that are harmful to both humans and animals. The current heat wave and drought this area is experiencing is no doubt a factor in the hazardous algal levels. The east side of the lake will be tested within the next week.

With Labor Day weekend coming up, avid boaters are going to have to look for an alternative source of recreation in order to assure their safety and abide by the lake’s restrictions.