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The online student news source of Lovejoy High School

The Red Ledger

The online student news source of Lovejoy High School

The Red Ledger

Liz Schasel

Liz Schasel, Editor-in-chief

Liz Schasel has yet to introduce herself in a staff biography without a joke about being vertically-challenged, and wouldn’t feel comfortable starting her senior year without continuing the short-lived tradition (there it is). Ready for the multitude of adventures this year has to offer, Liz has mentally prepared herself to sacrifice sleep for the success of her many extracurriculars which include The Red Ledger, Relay For Life committee, school and club soccer, Key Club, NHS, and the Dallas Swing Dance Society. She also tutors adorable children and works at Pie Five where she is an acclaimed pizza architect. In her free time, Liz spontaneously explodes into billions of particles, injuring those within a 50 mile radius. Luckily for mankind, Liz has never experienced free time, as this tragic event has yet to occur. Thrilled to have one last year’s worth of Modern Epic Poems to write (self-proclaimed epics by the modern definition, not by literary standards), Liz is ready to embark on her third consecutive year as editor of The Red Ledger and looks forward to everything her wonderful, dedicated, bacon-crazed staff will accomplish.

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