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Will Anderson
Will Anderson is the graphics editor on the Red Ledger staff. He is an active participant in technical theatre and orchestra. He is interested in attending the University of Texas at Austin to study psychology. Will is famed for his quick wit and mediocre puns. He enjoys his time with friends and living on his farm in the middle of nowhere. His mother is a teacher at the school who teaches AP Seminar and AP Research. He has 4 dogs, 3 cats, and an old horse (who is too small to ride). He has two brothers, one at UNT as a jazz major and one at UT for philosophy. Will has no idea what a person can do with philosophy, but he hopes it will work out for his brother. His graphics are not horrible, and he has been occasionally praised for them. He hopes to continue making graphics for the Red Ledger.

Will Anderson, Graphics Editor

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Will Anderson