National Night Out prevents crime in the community


Will Anderson

A helicopter was an addition to the National Night Out, focused on preventing crime in the community.

The Lovejoy Higgins family hosted a block party in support of National Night Out (NNO).

“This was the 30th year for National Night Out,” organizer Maureen Higgins said.

National Night Out is a series of block parties hosted around the United States in support of crime prevention in all its types.

“The first step is to tell the Collin County Deputy office you are interested in a crime watch. We have 2 deputy sheriffs that come to your homeowners group and talk safety,” Higgins said

The party had a host of activities such as an Air Evac Helicopter landing, a fire engine, a K-9 dog unit, and the hot air balloon Big Red Again did an evening rise.

When the hot air balloon was fully inflated, the pilots allowed kids to sit in the basket and get their picture taken. There were more chances for pictures like with the K-9 dog unit, on a policeman’s motorcycle, in the fire truck, and even in the fire truck.

“We had 96 people. Friends, family, neighbors, police, firemen, helicopter pilots and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and volunteers,” Higgins said. “Fun time was had by all.”