Freshmen get sneak peek at Founder’s Day


Brian Higgins

Students Taylor Carty, Katie Sawyers, Natalie Kilpatrick, and Shannon Wilcox take part in Freshmen Founder’s Day last year.

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

For many freshman, going to a new, bigger school may be intimidating due to the lack of familiarity. In order to ease this transition, the student council will sponsor Freshman Founder’s Day, a new student orientation, on Thursday from 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

“I’m nervous because the classes are big and because the layout of the school is different,” freshman Kelsie Ann Trank said. “I think Founder’s Day will help us get more comfortable with the halls and where different rooms are.”

The day will be filled with various activities designed to bring together the freshman class and help them adjust to the new setting. Students will be introduced to the librarians, the nurse, go on a tour, and receive advice on how to be successful throughout their high school career.

“We aim to benefit the freshman by introducing them to high school in a fun and friendly way,” student council member Ellie Hager said. “We want to ease some of the uneasiness freshman may have.”

School officials encourage all new students to attend and believe it will be  beneficial.

“It’s important for them to come,” administrative assistant Lynda Fleming said. “For these kids, it’s very new to them except for maybe visiting the gym for a volleyball game or something.”

Below is the schedule for Founders Day:

Time Event
8:45 AM Students, teachers, senior leaders, and group leaders report to the commons.
9:00-9:15 AM Freshmen check in the commons and go to the auditorium.
9:15-9:35 AM Welcomes, Mr. Mayfield speaks, seniors speak
9:35-9:40 AM Take LEAP to 1st activity- use rotation below*
9:40-11:40 AM Follow rotation schedule**
11:40-11:45 AM All LEAPS go to the gym for the pep rally
11:45-12:05 PM Pep rally