2013 graduate reflects on his first college season


Courtesy of Tanner DeVinny

Alumnus Tanner DeVinny now plays baseball at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. DeVinny was named Big 12 co-newcomer of the week in April.

Will Anderson, Staff Reporter

One of the school’s most accomplished baseball players is 2013 graduate Tanner DeVinny. Over the course of his senior year, DeVinny batted .489 with 11 home runs and 47 RBI helping him earn a scholarship to Kansas State University.

Home from his first year of college, The Red Ledger was able to catch up with DeVinny and get his thoughts on his first year as a Wildcat.


The Red Ledger: How was your first year playing baseball at Kansas State?

DeVinny: “It was a lot of fun, a lot of good memories, it showed me where I was compared to other players.”

The Red Ledger: Were you surprised by getting so much playing time as a true freshman?

DeVinny: “Surprised is probably the wrong word, but I was very glad I got as much playing time as I did.”

The Red Ledger: Are you happy with your personal statistics from this year?

DeVinny: “No because I thought like I could have done more. I had a really good first half of the year things were really going well until I hit a bit of a slump. I wish I could have finished off better, but overall yeah I’d say I was ok with it, but I could have done more for myself.”

The Red Ledger: In high school you had some big power numbers with a good number of home runs, but you didn’t have as many this year. What do you think is the main reason for this?

DeVinny: “The pitching is so good that to produce those kind of power numbers, I had a good high school career, you know that sort of thing, you know the pitching is a whole lot better. I think you know 90 mile per hour pitching is, you know I can’t just sit back and do whatever I want. I really have to just try and hit the ball hard.”

The Red Ledger: Playing mostly as a designated hitter as a freshman, will you get to play catcher next year?

DeVinny: “That’s a goal. I have to work hard and prove that I can manage a pitching staff.”

The Red Ledger: What was the adjustment like going from high school to division one baseball?

DeVinny: “It’s perspective. You realize how much you love the game, there’s so much more non-baseball work that you have to do and you know being in cardio shape and stronger it really makes you realize, it makes you appreciate the game.”

The Red Ledger: How did your time at here prepare you for playing baseball at Kansas State
DeVinny: “Lovejoy was great and I had a lot of fun I had great times and a lot of great memories. I was able to watch baseball and be a part of it and it made me realize that it’s what I want to do.”