Alternative schedule set for Friday


Will Anderson, Staff Reporter

In today’s society where teenage suicide attempts are becoming more common, the school will be hosting a presentation in the auditorium on Friday, Feb. 14 emphasizing the importance of suicide prevention.

“[The presenter] has a lot of things she wants to tell teens so that they will hopefully not make that same choice,” assistant principal Kristen Kinnard said.

The suicide prevention presentation is meant to teach students that they have friends and family to lean on if they have problems. It also aims to teach teens what to look for in their friends in case they are showing any symptoms of suicidal thoughts or self-inflicted pain.

“People should not have to be alone in the world,” sophomore Heidi Zettl said. “People should realize they have friends and family who love them and support them.”

The presenter, Vanita Halliburton, has experience with the topic of suicide. In 2006 her son, Grant, killed himself at the age 19.  Grant had been dealing with depression and bipolar disorder when he committed suicide. Afterward, she formed the Grant Halliburton Foundation in his memory and has been speaking from the heart about the pains of his suicide.

“[The] guest speaker we have coming from outside says that it’s very personal to her because her son did commit suicide and so she has a lot of things to tell the kids,” Kinnard said.

Here is a look at Friday’s half-day schedule:

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