Underclassmen to get abstinence education


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The underclassmen will receive a presentation focused on preventing premarital sexual activity.

Will Anderson, Staff Reporter

It may not be exactly like “the birds and the bees” but on Tuesday, Jan. 14, freshman and sophomores will be presented with a program detailing the potential consequences of premarital sex.

“It’s called extreme straight talk, and it basically tells students about the negative aspects of teenage sexual behaviors,” Fleming said.

The presentation will be separated by gender; boys in one room and girls in another. Each group will get a separate talk and presentation. The presentation for freshman and sophomores is next Tuesday during third period.

The program will be presented by Aim For Success, a nonprofit abstinence education group. They talk to students about self discipline, self respect, and self control.

When the program began in 1993, leader Marilyn Morris and two other speakers gave 526 presentations to more than 30,000 parents, teachers, and students. Now, the group has reached more than 2 million people through presentations at public schools, churches, and youth organizations.

Aim for Success is during the LEAP groups third period on Tuesday Jan. 14, which brings some students to ask, why waste the class time on this type of talk.

“I feel that Aim for Success is a waste of class time since we all already know this from the other presentations,” freshman Bryce Branch said.

Some students don’t like the talk because, they believe, it has the same facts as the ones in years past. Others think that that it helps students with their morals.

“I think it helps students by instilling morals and having a reminder of why its not a good idea to have sex in high school,”sophomore Elizabeth Britton said.

However, Britton feels that it is information that shouldn’t necessarily be given by the school, it should be some religious institution.

“I dont think we should have this kind of presentation,I think that like churches should have this kind of presentation where they instill religious morals and what not,” Britton said.