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Annabelle Archer
As a seventh grader, Annabelle’s love for writing and the persuasion of her teachers drew her to sign up for a class she knew nothing about. She walked into her newspaper class the very first day, nervous and seriously considering dropping the class. But thankfully, that schedule change never happened. Now, as a sophomore, she has been involved in newspaper every year since. Besides writing, Annabelle is a very competitive volleyball player, which she loves almost as much as she loves her cat, which is a lot. She has two best friends whom she wouldn’t trade for the world, not even for a lifetime supply of mint chocolate chip ice cream, her very favorite food. Her schedule is always packed, and with five other family members, life is a little hectic. But she likes it that way, because crazy is good.

Annabelle Archer, Staff Reporter

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Annabelle Archer