FCA to host fields of faith


Courtesy photo

Students will gather on the football field Wednesday night for the community-wide Fields of Faith event.

Annabelle Archer, Staff Reporter

Fellowship of Christian Athletes attracts student athletes who love to share their faith through sports with their friend and on Wednesday the the club is hosting Fields of Faith at 7 p.m. at the stadium, a little twist from their weekly Monday meetings. A community event, the club is expecting quite a number of participants.

“We are expecting at least 200 people to come,” FCA leader Abby Martin said. “So this is definitely a little different than all of our normal meetings.”

Even though FCA is a christian athlete club at the high school, the club is not exclusive. The leaders and members want everyone who is available to come to Fields of Faith.

“This is a community event,” FCA sponsor Shawn Purcell said. “All schools, churches, and students are welcome. I have invited invited middle schools, high schools, churches, and all schools in our district.”

Students are attracted to this because it is a time to hang out with their friends, but deepen their religion as well.

“I think that Fields of Faith is super cool,” freshman Callie Mayfield said. “I like getting to be with my friends, but the best part of this event is the fact that I get to learn about my religion and pray with people I don’t know.”

During Fields of Faith, people are invited to learn about their faith with their friends, family, and even strangers out on the football field.

“It’s an event where all FCAs, schools and sports teams from the area are invited to come and fellowship together,” Brochu said. “At the end we bring everyone together and pray over our teams and teammates. It’s a really moving event.”