Throwing a pie in cancer’s face

Phi Phan


Josh Shewmake

Attendance clerk Judy Hise won the Pie-A-Teacher contest with 83 votes. Football coach Ryan Cox got second place with 75 votes. Both teachers were pied at today’s pep rally.

Liz Schasel, Editor-in-chief

Today’s pep rally was a bit messier than usual. Attendance Clerk Judy Hise and football coach Ryan Cox received a whipped cream pie to the face, as they were the winners of the Relay For Life Committee’s fundraiser. The committee raised more than $250 between the selling of paper feet, purple bracelets, and votes for which teacher would be pied in the face. While the pie-portion of the fundraiser is over, committee members will continue to sell purple bracelets for $2 for the Relay For Life event on April 11.

Click here to sign up for Relay For Life. Teams signed up before February 14 will receive points towards free food and other prizes at the event.