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A worthy recipient

Courtesy of Jared Glaze
Chemistry teacher Jared Glaze won the 2022-2023 teacher of the year award. The award was selected by staff nomination within the high school.

In the middle of teaching, the class is interrupted by the admin unlocking the door. Several people walk in, holding balloons and cookie cake in their hands. The principal announces that Jared Glaze has won teacher of the year. 

Chemistry teacher Jared Glaze won the 2022-2023 teacher of the year award. The award was selected by staff nomination within the high school. 

“There were actually a few rounds,” Glaze said. “It was like ‘nominate a teacher that you think could be teacher of the year’. Once they got the list together of all the nominees, they put together a list and then everybody got to vote there. So that basically brought you to a round of the final three. Basically, they gave you the whole list of everyone nominated, and then everybody voted. Then we voted again among the three. It’s actually cool because it’s picked by the staff.”

The award was based on the Lovejoy core values: learning, results, relationships, collaboration and fun. Glaze’s teaching reflects these values as he prioritizes student relationships and mutual respect.

“My teaching style usually includes a lot of humor and is very laid back,” Glaze said. “Mostly, I feel like students respond better if you treat them like adults. They are about to be that age, so I’m very honest with them, very upfront and stuff so they know what to expect and there are no surprises. I think it just holds them to a better accountability. I think that if we are speaking from adult to adult, there is more of a respect there. If you are going to be out of high school in a few years, then I’m going to treat you like the world is going to treat you when you leave.”

Glaze has been teaching at LHS for 5 years. He previously ran LA fitnesses and worked as a personal trainer. He switched his career to a teacher to allow him to spend more time with his family. 

“Honestly, [the students] are my favorite part about teaching,” Glaze said. “Y’all are just fun to hang around with. I talk about this with some of my colleagues, but as much as I would love to build a meaningful relationship with every student, I know it’s not possible. I just do what I can, but I hope that students can develop that with one teacher. I really enjoy when I have those connections with those students and you feel like you will never forget them and they will never forget you.”

Glaze works hard to create strong relationships with students and socialize with staff members outside of his department. 

I feel like I’ve worked hard, and I’ve done a lot this year,” Glaze said. “I’ve been a part of a lot of committees and working with a lot of teachers. I know a lot of teachers and I like to communicate among different groups. One thing you might not know about teaching is teachers kind of form their own cliques. Science talks to science and math talks to math, but I like to socialize and talk. At the same time, it’s like I’ve never really liked being the center of attention with all the ‘congratulations’ and stuff, which is awesome, but it’s a lot of attention on me.”

Glaze appreciates the smaller community that Lovejoy provides that allows for the relationships formed between students and teachers. 

“Mr. Glaze is an amazing teacher and deserves the award,” chemistry student and sophomore Elizabeth Sanchez said. “He always does everything he can to make our learning experience interesting.”

Principal Travis Zambiasi was able to present this award to Glaze during one of his classes. 

“Mr. Glaze represents both the core values of Lovejoy ISD and our LISD Graduate Profile,” Zambiasi said. “His work ethic and dedication is second to none. He creates one of the best learning environments at LHS in his classroom and serves on numerous committees around the district. Mr. Glaze’s impact on LHS is exponential. The positive relationships he builds and the difference he makes in the lives of students is incredible.”

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