The Bright Side: Virtual opportunities, eliminating the virus, coronavirus vaccines


Hannah Gonzalez

“The Bright Side” is a new series which will discuss three pieces of positive news taking place across the state, nation and world in light of COVID-19.

1. News: Businesses are shut down and people can’t leave their homes.

On the Bright Side: Quarantine has turned physical places virtual, which has provided people with physical disabilities the opportunity to travel to places across the globe that once might not have been possible, because certain historical establishments are not up to accessible design regulations. For example, 43-year-old Nicola Welsh, a lover of museums, has taken advantage of virtual experiences. After 17 years of being house bound because of a nerve condition, she is now able to visit places such as the National Theatre and the Royal Opera house online. There are other stories like hers that have been shared throughout quarantine.

2. News: Coronavirus has struck Australia and neighboring countries.

On the Bright Side: After two weeks of a strict lockdown, New Zealand said that the country has “eliminated the coronavirus” and are no longer reporting any new cases of COVID-19. Along with this, Australia began opening schools and non-essential businesses, reporting little to no cases in the weeks following. Both places are working towards a safe, full reopening.

3. News: Scientists are trying to find coronavirus vaccine.

On the Bright Side: Eight of the 102 vaccine candidates are being used in a human trial. The University of Oxford says the vaccine that they are developing has an 80 percent chance of being successful. Because these vaccines are now being tested on humans, there is a higher chance of finding a solution.