The Bright Side: Reopening Texas, Mondays with Michelle Obama, 10 billion trees


Hannah Gonzalez

“The Bright Side” is a new series which will discuss three pieces of positive news taking place across the state, nation and world in light of COVID-19.

Editor’s note: The Bright Side” is a series that highlights three pieces of positive news that are taking place across the state, nation and world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. News: Texas has been on stay-at-home orders for a month now

On the bright side: Governor Abbott is beginning Phase 1 of reopening Texas in May,

which includes retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls. However, these establishments must limit the amount of people allowed inside at any given time to 25 percent of their maximum occupancy, while most restaurants are still encouraged to provide drive-by service and delivery. Social distancing should still be observed however, and large gatherings should be avoided. 

2. News: Elementary school students are not able to receive the interactive learning style through online school. 

On the bright side: Former first lady Michelle Obama has begun a PBS series called “Mondays with Michelle Obama,” where she hosts a weekly read-along series. She reads some of her own favorite children’s books hoping to give some teachers and parents a reprieve as she takes over for story time. The series is streamed on PBS Kids facebook and on Youtube every Monday at 11 a.m.

3. News: Quarantine protocols have left millions unemployed around the world.

On the bright side: Recently, Pakistan hired 63,000 unemployed people to help plant 10 billion trees, which is the country’s largest environmental project ever. Workers are still required to wear masks and adhere to the nation’s social distancing guideline, but the pay is enough to help them get by during quarantine. This is all part of the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project which was started by Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2018.