Column: Formed by technology


Hannah Gonzalez

Generation Z is consumed with technology. Looking back to other generations, the difference in the lifestyle is drastically different just based on technology.

Generation Z is commonly thought of as the technology addicted, ungrateful and antisocial generation. People in Gen Z, known as Gen Zers, are people born after 1997 and before 2010. Current Gen Zers are between the ages of 10-23.

Most people say that Gen Zers are obsessed with and attached to technology. While they say this, the older generations also probably couldn’t go a day without using technology. It isn’t fair to say that the Gen Zers are the only generation who are addicted to technology. Being the first generation to grow up with technology, our lives are much different from older generations. 

Living in a developing world, with new inventions and technology being created every day, it’s difficult to not be hooked on technology. I believe that all generations are dependent on technology. We all use our phones in our everyday lives. Gen Z has been exposed to phones for almost our whole lives which makes it harder for us to get along without technology. 

In 1992, Nokia introduced the first GSM digital mobile phone. Introducing text messaging, ninety minute phone calls, and could hold 99 phone numbers. After those advances, phones began evolving. With touch screens, front camera pictures (selfies) and downloading apps, phones became a huge part of people’s lives.

Technology has had a major impact on all of our lives. It’s difficult to imagine our lives without technology not being able to communicate, not having the resources your phone provides, and just not having that thing in your pocket. 

As well as providing communication, GPS, and a sense of security, their phones give us social advances. They can connect with their friends through social media, texting, and calling. They can reach someone with just the touch of a button.

Gen Z has been positively impacted by growing up with technology. They have been able to watch first hand the transformation of technology. Being introduced to these things so early in their lives, Gen Z has learned how to use electronics in their everyday life, which is very common now.  

With the evolution of phones, came the creation of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter are just some examples of some of the most popular social media apps used daily by Gen Zers. 

Gen Zers use these apps to share pictures, videos or messages. They are constantly using these in our lives to share, create, and start trends, such as memes, bringing back old clothes, VSCO girls, TikTok dances, and new shoes. 

Recently, Gen Zers have shared new trends, music, dances, and memes mainly through TikTok. TikTok has become extremely popular very quickly. This app was created in September of 2016 but didn’t become popular until October of 2018. TikTok was created for users to create short videos that can be shared with friends. 

Recently, there have been many memes shared by Gen Zers through TikTok and Twitter. These memes have been about World War lll, people’s political views, and the government. Many videos or pictures contain a joke about how they are going to avoid getting drafted into the war or one’s opinion on the government. 

Although the memes can be funny sometimes, people in the older generations can be very offended by this. Gen Zers have to consider where the older generations are coming from. Some of the Gen Zers posting these memes don’t understand politics or what is going on in the world. Understandably, the older generations would get upset about the memes because they might have grown up in a time where there were threats of war and corrupt governments. 

On the other hand, the Gen Zers are just trying to put out funny and entertaining content for their peers. But there are other ways to share these ideas. Social media might not be the best platform to display political memes. Social media has users from the age of eight to above 65. Sharing political views on an app with over 500 million users with a wide age range can create controversy and confusion. 

Overall, I think that social media and technology have made great impressions on Gen Z. With the younger generation looking up to us, Gen Z needs to learn how to appropriately use social media.