Senior goodbye: Living a basketball game


Shae Daugherty

“Don’t leave anything on the court. Because, as hard as it is to believe sometimes, my man Trace Adkins said it best. ‘You’re gonna miss this.'”

As cliche as this sounds, my high school career was similar to a basketball game. Not a game where you just glide through, when everything is clicking. No, this game has its ups and downs, its hardships, its heartbreaks, and its triumphs.

Famous football coach Lou Holtz once said, “I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” I read this quote midway through my sophomore year and have tried to live through it ever since. It’s simple yet can apply to every fragment in life. Just keep it in mind as you read through this piece.

If you’re anything like me, freshman through sophomore year will be the toughest two years of your high school career. This is where I struggled to find my identity. I was stuck between trying to impress others and do what I truly wanted, dress how I wanted and act how I wanted. I was down, and this game wasn’t getting any easier. It wasn’t until sophomore year when I realized happiness doesn’t come from outside elements, but from within. In order to reach this state, I figured out how to follow myself, no other.

After sophomore year, I made the necessary adjustments during half time and came out of the locker room ready to go. Junior year is when things started to click. I found my passion for basketball. Whatever it may be, indulge yourself in your passions. In order to be content with what you are doing, you have to give it your all. However, this doesn’t mean don’t leave room for friends and a social life, because that is also a necessity, but find what truly makes you happy.

Senior year, we are almost there. We’ve finally pulled away and are trying to close the game out on top. I’ve matured in drastic measures this year. I’m no longer an awkward 14 year old, scared to speak his truth, hesitant to follow his passions, or one with a tentative attitude towards everything. Senior year is your last chance to leave your legacy.

Make your relationships true. Give it your all. Have integrity in what you do. Have faith. Maintain trust in yourself. Savor little moments. Take pride in the person you’ve become. Show positivity. Show compassion.

Don’t leave anything on the court. Because, as hard as it is to believe sometimes, my man Trace Adkins said it best. “You’re gonna miss this.”