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Column: Voting is vital

Shae Daugherty
“This generation owes it to those formers activist to carry on their legacy by exercising their right to vote.”

There was a time during the history of our country when a person only needed to be two things in order to vote: Caucasian and male. With the help of courageous leaders fighting to change the status quo and the progression of basic rights through various amendments, there is now an equal opportunity for every United States adult to vote if registered.

With the upcoming federal and state elections, activists and even regular citizens are pushing for others to get out to the polls and vote. It’s ironic to think that years ago people were fighting for the right to vote, and now there are people fighting to keep voting alive.

Women and minorities are the leading groups who need to focus their attention on voting. Those specific groups are often not very present at polls, especially for our country to be just shy of 100 years since women were granted the right to vote.

Complaining about not wanting to wait in long lines to vote on election day or not knowing who to vote for a simply excuses for not voting. There are people who took beatings and death threats just to convince those in power to give minorities and women the right to vote and other basic rights. It’s as if those who don’t vote are diminishing all the efforts that our former leaders put in towards gaining the right to vote. Standing in line for no more than 30 minutes won’t ruin your day.

This generation owes it to those formers activist to carry on their legacy by exercising their right to vote. Educating yourself on different stances and or views of the candidates is a vital part of voting. And in today’s world, that information is at the touch of almost everyone’s fingertips with social media.

Citizens who are eligible should not only vote when the Presidency is on the line but during every election possible. With early voting completed, the final chance to vote in this year’s midterm elections is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

This upcoming election actually gives voters an opportunity to impact their communities on a larger scale than the Presidential election. The lack of the electoral college vote for these races allows the candidate with the most votes to win no matter what. There is a better chance of making changes to society if people would get to the polls. Democracy stands on voting and those who have the privilege to do so should.

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    Tanya DonagheyNov 6, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Thank you for your article on the importance of voting and not taking it for granted. Another important thing to remember is that a true democracy creates voting procedures that are non-partisan and provide for EVERY voter to be able to vote easily without encumbrance to any demographic.