The Future of Fairview


Stu Mair

Small town Fairview has started expanding and expansion plans are only set to continue in the upcoming years.

Empty fields will soon be turning to new homes in Fairview as the city plans for residential growth on a tract of land.

“Most of the growth of the future of Fairview is going to be on the western side of town,” Fairview mayor Darion Culbertson said. “It will be multifamily, additional townhomes, etc. On the eastern part of town, because we want one acre, two acre, three acre lots, you won’t see very much growth. The largest piece of property in Fairview now, we just worked out an agreement with Toll Brothers to develop that track and the landowners. It is 112 acres and is going to be 60 homes.”

Housing developers are drawn to the town partly because of the school districts in the area.

“The town of Fairview has two school districts: the McKinney school district and the Lovejoy school district, both great school districts,” Culbertson said. “Anytime you have great school districts you have developers that want to come in and bring new people to your town.”

One of the most recent construction jobs is the expansion of Stacy Rd.

Stu Mair
One of the most recent construction jobs is the expansion of Stacy Rd. and the building of two new churches on Stacy Rd. as well.

New homes means new students enrolling, so the Lovejoy ISD stays aware of the possible fluctuations in enrollment levels.

“We have good communication with the Town of Fairview and strongly support their land use plan which governs lot size and, therefore, density,” superintendent Ted Moore said. “We have a demographic study that we closely monitor to ensure that our growth matches what was projected and thus far, projections and actual growth has been very close. If a developer was requesting a zoning change for increased density that would add a significant number of students above the demographic projections, the district would oppose that type of zoning request.”

The upcoming development is just the start of future growth in Fairview.

“This is phase one and we have to get phase one right and there has been a lot of effort in phase one getting it right,” Culbertson said. “We are going to move on to phase two and it will probably be three to five years from now. You won’t see development in phase two. In phase two I am talking about the part of Fairview that is north of the Circle Ten Boy Scout Center all the way up to Frisco Road in McKinney. You probably won’t see any true development in that area for another five years.”

Aside from residential development, the city is also going to continue construction on Fairview Parkway.

“The thing we are really excited about is that we worked with the county recently and they granted us an additional $900,000 to finish Fairview Parkway, the design and engineering of Fairview Parkway,” Culbertson said.

The completion of Fairview Parkway would be beneficial for multiple reasons.

“The reason that is important is Fairview Parkway basically dissects our commercial plan development district,” Culbertson said. “We are going to move traffic off Highway 5 onto Fairview Parkway and follow it through the commercial area. Not only is that good for the commercial area, but for residents who live off of Highway 5 because less traffic will be on Highway 5 and move that traffic closer to 75.”