Final-ly before break

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

Final exams before winter break is a major change the school has made this year.  Previously, exams took place after winter break, which is different to when many schools in the area conducted first semester finals.

It’s a change that is welcomed by most students.

“I like it because normally when they’re after Christmas break you kind of forgotten everything,” junior Shelby Johnson said.  “Christmas break is two weeks long, so that’s two weeks of not doing anything.”

In years past, no matter what a student did over break, there was always the knowledge that semester exams would be waiting for them when school resumed.  Now, students will be able to enjoy their break without worrying about exams.

“By having exams before Christmas, you don’t have that looming over your head the entire Christmas, so it’s a way to feel better over the break,” sophomore Maxwell Gifford said.

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