Volleyball advances to state finals

Rachel Faucett, Staff Reporter

Beginning the game an hour late due to the previous game running longer than expected, varsity volleyball faced Cedar Park in their last playoff game of the season last night. With a four set win, the team advances to the state finals tomorrow night.

Lovejoy had a slow start in the first set, missing several digs. They were able to pull through, but barely won 25-22.

The second set, much like the first, started out with the Leopards 3 points behind. The game was also very close, but the Leopards won 25-20. The third set, however, brought an 18-25 loss.

With two wins, Lovejoy powered through the fourth game, ending the playoffs with a 25-22 victory. Their next and final game of the season will be this Saturday, November 17, where they will compete for a fifth state medal.